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    Always know where your dog is
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    Always know where your cat is

Project: dogs and cats

Connected Animals works together with a large organization in the Netherlands, which aims to trace and reunite companion animals with the owner, to a handy solution to achieve this. The simple Track & Trace tool is a first important step in this project. On the basis of existing knowledge and scientific research within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University, algorithms are being developed that, in time, will give the owner of the dog or cat more insight into the welfare of the animal. This in turn can lead to advice and practical measures that promote the well-being and health of your pet. The Track & Trace solution for dogs and cats is expected to be on the market early next year. The compact device can be attached to the collar and includes a motion sensor and communication chip with the LoRa network from KPN. Via an App, information about the movement pattern and the location where your animal is located can be obtained by mobile, tablet or computer.

Goal project

In the first instance, the project is aimed at easily locating and reuniting dogs and cats with the owner. In the follow-up phase, the devices are equipped with multiple sensors. Research and analysis will eventually yield algorithms that have predictive value with regard to well-being and pet health. This allows the owner to preventively take the right measures to prevent problems or undesirable behavior.