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    Happy healthy cattle cow

Happy healthy cattle cow project

At the Animal Health Department of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Utrecht University) and CLICKEY solutions (Raamsdonk), an innovative cow-sensor module is being developed to better monitor the health of the cow. It is an internal sensor module in the stomach of the cow, through which information is transmitted over the internet via a wireless IoT connection. For farms where large-scale livestock is kept in an extensive manner; In other words, in herds that go outdoors, a special Cattle Module has been developed. With this Cattle module, the location of the animal can be determined and whether the animal in question is still alive (on the basis of body temperature).

Goal project

The objective is to provide the farmer / farmer 24 hours a day with up-to-date information about the status of his herd. The farmer receives up-to-date information about the position of his herd, and a notification if an animal has abnormal temperature values. This significantly improves business operations; Because of the vast areas where the herds can move freely, insight into the current position as well as the exact number of animals is of essential importance. The information is always and everywhere available and accessible from any device connected to the internet, such as a PC, tablet or smartphone. If something goes wrong with a cow, the farmer receives an alert so that he can intervene immediately.

Infographic Happy healthy cattle cow

Thanks to the combination of the Internet of Things technology of CLICKEY solutions, knowledge and scientific research of the Department of Animal Health Care of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Utrecht, it is soon possible for the farmer to always have online information about the activity, pen state and reproduction of the cows. Due to the track & trace function, it is always known where the cow is located.