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    We make the Internet of Animals possible

Connected Animals, a Joint Venture of Utrecht University and CLICKEY solutions

By combining the knowledge of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University and the specialist in working Internet of Things (IoT) solutions: CLICKEY solutions it is now possible to always have up-to-date information about health, well-being, in an animal-friendly way. the behavior and location of animals. Connected Animals literally connects animals to the internet. Not as an end in itself, but always with a reason. Whether it concerns happy, healthy and productive cows, insight into the behavior and location of your dog or cat, or the protection of wild animals, such as rhinoceroses. Connected Animals works on responsible, affordable and working solutions. A number of projects are in full swing at home and abroad. Our goal remains: to create practical, innovative and affordable solutions to promote animal welfare, health, productivity and protection and to support their owners.


The group of Connected Animals

Connected Animals is a Joint Venture of Utrecht Holding BV and Clickey solutions from Raamsdonk. Connected Animals consists of Connected Animals Holding BV with two operating companies: Cattle Cow and Dairy Cow. In addition to Connected Animals Holding BV, there is a separate entity within the group or Connected Animals: Connected Animals Database BV. Connected Animals Holding BV and its operating companies are responsible for the execution of projects, product development, marketing and distribution. Connected Animals Database BV, in addition to managing the database, is responsible for collecting and analyzing big data and developing algorithms for innovative applications.

Our team

The actual capacity in manpower is provided by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University and Clickey solutions. The permanent team consists of: Vincent Rijsman, Pedro De Smit and Erwin Dunnink. This permanent team is supported by a research team from the university and the technical team of CLICKEY solutions.


Working method Connected Animals

We work from the conviction that concrete results in terms of practically applicable solutions can only be achieved through cooperation with the right partners; partners with knowledge and experience within the relevant sector or field of application and partners with a demonstrably relevant network. This yields a profit for both parties. Are you interested in working with Connected Animals? Then contact us. We would like to invite you for an exploratory interview.